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Wallace and Rosedean yarn

Well, Rosedean Ryelands yarn was on the front page of “The Courier” on Friday – along with Wallace, our bottle-fed lamb – Angus knitting yarn in demand from Alaska to Australia. Hopefully, it will generate a few orders.

After much agonizing, we’ve decided to sell the breeding portion of our flock – eight ewes and four gimmers – while retaining this year’s fourteen ewe lambs. So we’ll be having a year off breeding in 2017 but will be lambing again in spring 2018. We’ve been lucky enough to get a buyer who will take all twelve females as a flock. We’ll be keeping a couple of older ewes – Juno and Niamh – as “mentors” for the ewe lambs, plus our wether, Teddy.

Sadly, there are a couple of ewes that aren’t suitable for breeding from again and they will be culled at the end of the summer. That will leave us with seventeen sheep over winter and I’m hoping that this will allow us to improve our grass by reducing overgrazing in the winter.

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