Fly strike watch and Wallace’s progress

Wallace & Bryn share breakfast

We’ve had some pretty warm weather this week and a light ground frost. The ewes seem to be fine after weaning and have settled down without their lambs. They do suffer in the heat though, even though they are shorn.

The lambs are also fine. Winter was pleased to see me the first morning I checked them but was less pleased when she realized there was no bottle. The following day, she didn’t even come over.

At this time of year, fly strike is uppermost in our minds but so far, our sheep have been free of problems. Yesterday was very warm and the ewes seemed agitated so we brought them in to check for flies but found nothing. By evening they were just fine, so I guess it was just the heat.

Wallace is almost sound – perhaps as sound as he’s going to get, as there may be some mechanical damage to his joints, caused by the earlier inflammation. We’ll be stopping the antibiotics this week. If he stays fine, all well and good but if he has a flare-up, we will have to put him to sleep. Bryn and he are chums, so I do hope he’s OK.

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