Separating lambs; Wallace’s new pal; Sheep-keeping course

Wallace & Bryn share breakfast

We separated the ewe and tup lambs this week. The tup lambs are now getting a bit frisky – although it’s unlikely that the ewe lambs are in season yet, we’d prefer not to take the chance of out of season pregnancies.

It was a bit strange looking at the fourteen ewe lambs and seeing my new breeding flock.

We brought Teddy the wether home to keep Wallace company, as he needed to be away from the ewes too. He may have a gammy leg, but everything else seems to be just fine.

On Sunday we ran a beginners sheep keeping course with a great bunch of 10 folk from all over the UK. We run these several times a year (as well as an introduction to smallholding), it’s always rewarding and we get the chance to promote Ryelands as a breed for smallholders.

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