Lamb and mutton; fluke prevention; yarn progress

Rosedean Mutton

We gave the fourteen lambs a dose of wormer this week and all sixteen sheep a dose of flukicide. At this time of year, sheep can die suddenly as a result of acute fasciolosis, caused by young fluke migrating from the gut to the liver.

The lambs all look well although one has a scab on its top lip. I’ve treated it with antibiotic spray and I hope it’s not orf.

We got our lambs back from the butcher; they were quite small this year compared to previous, but much less fat. Maybe because we sent them away three weeks earlier but with such small numbers, it’s difficult to know. Only one had any sign of liver fluke.

Preparing lamb boxes for customers
Preparing lamb boxes for customers

We also got our mutton back and we’re really pleased with how it looks and we’re looking forward to trying it.

I’m going to be working on the knitting kits for our yarn – we’ll be at Angus Farmers Market in Forfar on Saturday 12th November, so I need to be ready for that. 🙂

Hopefully, we’ll get the two 2016 yarns on the website this week.

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