Forfar Farmers’ Market / Random Acts of Kindness / Ginger Twist

Stand at Angus Farmers' Market

Had a lovely morning at Forfar Farmers’ market. John and Linda came along, so that I could get a cuppa and then the necessary break.

Lots of nice folk, sold a good bit of yarn and caught up with a few folk that I know from Festival and various other things.

Three really nice things happened, though.

  1. Two ladies came back to show me what they had knitted with our yarn.
    Rosedean Ryelands Customer Projects
    Rosedean Ryelands Customer Projects

    One lady had knitted two lovely hats with the 2016 Light yarn and another lady had knitted mittens with the 2016 Dark, with a 2016 Light double cuff.

  2. Now, while we were admiring the second lady’s mittens, a third lady came over to look at the yarn and asked if the mittens were warm. We all said they were – especially with the double cuff. Lady No3 explained that she suffered from Raynaud’s so really felt the cold, but that she couldn’t knit. I suggested that she might be able to get a friend to knit some for her and that was that.
  3. About 15 minutes later, Mitten Lady and Lady No3 came back to buy yarn; Mitten Lady had gone after Lady No3 and offered to knit mittens for her, so they came back, bought yarn, swapped addresses, hugged each other and headed off.

Wasn’t that just so lovely?

We’ve sold some yarn to a shop in Edinburgh “Ginger Twist” in London Road – very pleased and thanks to Louise Scollay at Knit British for suggesting us to Jess.

Kind of wondering if I should just move to a fleece flock. Will be doing some sums. Although I think I would miss lambing.

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