Ewe lambs winter makeover

The ewes got their January dose of flukicide this week. Normally we do this after they have been scanned at the end of January – but no lambing means no scanning, so we did it on Saturday.

We also trimmed back the wool form their eyes; the one drawback with Coloured Ryelands is that the thickness of the fleece can render them “wool blind” especially in unshorn hoggs.

Wool-blind Ryeland lamb
Wool-blind Ryeland lamb

Ours can now see again.

Ewe lambs January 2017
Ewe lambs at Astwood

They’re looking really well.

In other news Urquhart the new tup and Teddy the wether have bonded and are best mates.

Urquhart and Teddy
Urquhart and Teddy

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